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Agena IDT


Agena Information and Defense Technologies LLC (shortly AgenaIDT) (in Turkish, Agena Bilişim ve Savunma Teknolojileri San. Tic Ltd Şti, shortly AgenaBST) has been established as a technolgy company in August 2009 by all domestic capital. AgenaIDT serves Defens Industry on R&D, software development, simulation, radar and image processing technologies.

Founding partners and advisors of AgenaIDT has great academic and practical experience on information and defense industry. This experience cover design, research and development activities in tens of projects.

Agena BST, with the main objective that is to produce, localize itself in a point completing the shortages in the field of information and defense technology by proposing and running new projects and products that following the today's high technology.  To reach that objective, AgenaBST establishes partnerships with universities, research institutes and companies. Agena BST, "researches", "develops", "produces" and "supports".



The paper entitled "ADSiF, Agent-Based Simulation System and Model-Based Verification and Validation" (in Turkish) by M. Fatih Hocaoglu, İbrahim Genç and A. Arif Ergin has accepted for presentation and publication in National Symposium on Software Quality and Software Development Tools (YKGS-2010). The symposium will be held in 3 - 4 December, 2010 at Culture University Atakoy Campus.